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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maple Creative Talent Search: Graphic Designer

Recent changes at Maple Creative have created an opportunity to join our talented design team. Do you know of someone who might be described as follows:

Experienced graphic designer (or art director) with 3+ years of relevant work experience
Great attitude a must - optimistic, driven, unselfish, dedicated, honest, upbeat, reliable
Bachelor's degree (or more) - BFA preferred
Wildly creative with a great sense of style
Ability to interpret clients' needs, taste & preferences and to visually translate those into effective design solutions
Ability to conceptualize and plan multi-media campaigns including video and Web
Strong in print, typography/logo/identity, Web/electronic, video/TV
Proficient in Adobe InDesign creative suite
Web programming skills (html, PHP, Flash) preferred but not required
Strong understanding of printing and production processes
Team player with ability to relate and communicate with other designer and biz dev types

If so, please send them our way. Hey- maybe this is you!

This is a great, career-making opportunity to join an established, progressive and growing marketing firm, one whose work has garnered top honors regionally with American Advertising Federation (AAF-WV) and Public Relations Society (PRSA-WV). Please direct all inquiries to me via e-mail to (Skip @ maplecreative dot com). All inquiries will be handled with utmost confidentiality. Thanks in advance for your help, marketing geniuses!

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