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Monday, June 23, 2008

FUNancial Fest 2008: Walking the Walk

For over a year, Maple Creative has had the opportunity to work with one of North-Central West Virginia's most innovative (and talent-filled) organizations: Fairmont Federal Credit Union. The partnership has produced many exciting results: new branding (logo, positioning statement), new Web site ( and ongoing advertising and public relations consulting, just to name a few.

A goal throughout has been credit union education, i.e. debunking myths, highlighting the contrasts between the not-for-profit credit unions and corporate banks that often pander more to stockholders than their customers and emphasizing the national credit union philosophy of, "People Helping People." This philosophy was the bedrock for an event held last Saturday - FUNancial Fest 2008.

Fairmont Federal Credit Union (FFCU), and four other regional credit unions in North-Central, WV, combined their resources for this day of fun, prizes and financial learning opportunities for the local community, held at Valley Worlds of Fun in Fairmont. To list all of the prizes and activities available Saturday would put even the most dedicated Marketing Genius into a coma, but judging from the turnout - around 500 attendees from young to old, not to mention the smiling faces - the event was a huge success. As a "qusai outsider" to the credit union world, FUNancial Fest 2008 had their organizational values written all over it: local, personalized, friendly, in addition to the will and ability to go above and beyond.

The organizers had a simple goal: provide the local community with a fun-filled and affordable (have you stood at a gas pump lately?) "mini-vacation" while simultaneously exposing them to the benefits of credit union membership. I'm willing to bet that the 20-something, non-credit union member, mother-of-three - who incidentally won over $350 during her time in a Money Machine - has asked herself, "What has my bank done for me lately?" plenty of times since Saturday.

Score one for Fairmont Federal Credit Union and their partners. Saturday, they showed they could walk the walk.

Visit, the official Web site of FUNancial Fest 2008 for more about this great event.

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Great post ... and great job managing another highly successful project for a Maple client! Thank you for a job well done.


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