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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More - Next Gen Marketing - Huntington, W. Va.

Justin Seibert in action, making a compelling point about customer engagement at Next Generation Marketing, an intensive, high-impact marketing workshop.

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Blogger Rachelle said...

Skip, Justin & Jeff,

We at the YWCA thoroughly enjoyed your conference here in Charleston yesterday. It was a good investment for our organizaiton. We continue to learn from you (Skip) about how to use these new media tools to futher the mission of our organization. I love that the conference was interactive with a lot of dialogue and that you provided real world examples of businesses that are using this technology today. Job well done -- to you all.
Rachelle Beckner
YWCA Development Director

9:30 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thank you for participating in the Next Generation Marketing workshop in Charleston. It was great to learn with you. Your questions and comments added greatly to the learning space. My hope is that someday soon I will be putting your Web 2.0 examples up on screen to show local success stories! You're on the right path, and I commend your vision and leadership.

Also, big thanks for joining the discussion and entering the community of marketing genius! I hope to see you here often.


9:39 AM

Anonymous Justin Seibert said...

Rachelle - Thank you also. It was really great that you all were willing to share your situation with the group - all the great things you're doing and all the new areas where you can move in a new direction. Can't wait to see the new Web site when it's finished.

1:24 PM


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