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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brand Tags - You Must Check This Out!

It is very rare that we repost content from other blogs or point our readers to other Web sites. Our policy, by contrast, is to offer original thoughts, observations and perspectives. In the case of Brand Tags, we find one of those very worthy exceptions that's worth encouraging you to go see. The creator of Brand Tags is Noah Brier, a New York communication strategist and observer/reporter of media trends, especially those related to Web 2.0.

Most marketing professionals and those among the audience who are marketing enthusiasts are students of brands. If you are like me, you enjoy getting inside a brand and understanding the associated perceptions, the factors that influence and constitute a brand's position. Brand Tags is an extremely simple and well done tool that has been created to solicit and analyze such perceptions. It is a tool that I could see becoming widely adopted in the professional practice of brand development. Brand Tags is the proverbial "simple, elegant" solution.

Kudos to Noah and his team for creating this innovative, promising Web application! Go check it out and please post your thoughts in a comment here.

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Anonymous noah brier said...

hey skip, thanks s a bunch. glad you dig it. it's been good fun to see so many people use it (up to 50k+ tags already). have some other plans for it, so check back.

thanks again. :)

6:30 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for stopping by Marketing Genius ... very kind of you to leave a comment. We'll be following your work on Brand Tags, so please be sure to keep us posted on its developments.

Best regards,

12:10 PM

Anonymous noah brier said...

Will do. And if you have any other brands you'd like to see, let me know.

4:37 PM


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