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Monday, March 03, 2008

Maple Honored with 2007 Best of Show Addy Award

The Mapleonian squadron is flying high today, following a fun-filled Friday night at the Addy Awards Banquet. We were honored and humbled to win "Best of Show" for the second consecutive year in the annual AAF-WV advertising competition. This wonderful designation, along with seven other awards, was bestowed upon us by a distinguished panel of AAF member-judges from Virginia and Tennessee. And to everyone who's part of the Marketing Genius community: congratulations to you too! Your support, feedback and questions have helped us sharpen and refine our skills.

Maple Creative Wins Seven ADDY® Awards
Highlights include “Best of Show” for the Second Straight Year

(Charleston, W.Va.)— Maple Creative was presented with one Silver and six Gold ADDY® awards at the regional gala held Friday evening at the Civic Center. Maple won “Best of Show” for the movie-themed “Kelley’s Presents” campaign for Kelley’s clothing store in Charleston. It is the second year in a row Maple has received “Best of Show” honors.

Maple also took home trophies for the company’s own Holiday CD and newly revamped Web site, as well as for client work on behalf of Edward Tucker Architects and Dixon Hughes. Each year three judges from outside the region are invited to Charleston to judge ADDY award entries. This year, there were 207 entries total and 20 second-place silver and 20 first-place gold awards were presented.

About the ADDY® Awards
With over 60,000 entries annually, the ADDY® Awards are the world's largest advertising competition. The American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association, conducts the ADDY® Awards through its 200 member advertising clubs and 15 districts. It is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.



Blogger ScLoHo (Scott Howard) said...

Congrats on your Addy's!

I am one of the board members of our local Ad Fed. We had our awards this past weekend too.

9:09 AM

Blogger jenniferwood said...

I didn't even need to wish you "good luck" on Friday when we spoke. I knew that you guys would definitely NOT come home empty handed....

Congrats on the consecutive wins for Best of Show and the many other honors awarded last week.

Once again, Maple has been rewarded for their excellent work. Kudos to the MARKETING GENIUSES at Maple. You all inspire other marketers to work hard and provide excellent customer service. You make us strive for excellence and extreme dedication. It's difficult trying to keep up with you guys, but you don't get anywhere by sitting around and waiting for things to happen. Many of us (including myself) wouldn't be who/where they are today without the great folks at Maple Creative!!!!

Thanks to the entire Maple team for all you do to improve the industry and the community. CONGRATS!!!!

4:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a much deserved recognition. Way to go!

6:35 PM

Blogger jenniferwood said...

It doesn't surprise me that Maple is an award-winning team! I've known that all along, but this morning, I received an exciting reminder of that fact.

Out of all the times that I have visited the new Maple site (and it's been more times than I wish to share...I'm a little obsessed), I never knew that the photos on the bios changed if you rolled over them with the cursor. I was surprised this morning and very impressed. The photos show the different sides of the people on the team. I don’t know how else to say it, but... It’s absolutely outstanding!!! You guys have so many layers to your team... so many layers to the website and all the work you do.

You all never cease to amaze me. Once again, kudos to the marketing geniuses at Maple! You all give us reasons to keep coming back to the site. It’s fun and different!

You've raised the bar it's up to the rest of us to continue to play CATCH UP!!!!

10:02 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for the praise. Much appreciated!


2:27 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words of support. We appreciate your feedback on our Web site work. It's especially valuable coming from someone with your expertise in Web matters.


2:28 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Dear Anonymous Commenter-

Thanks for stopping by--and for the praise. So kind of you.


2:29 PM

Anonymous Karan Ireland said...

Congrats on the well-deserved recognition!

3:44 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Thanks for the praise! Always appreciated.

5:40 PM

Blogger CT Thomas said...

Congrats to the team at Maple Creative and those behind the scenes who helped make it possible -- prepress, press operators, media techs, etc. Without them none of this would be possible for any ad agency/shop.

7:36 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

CT -

How very kind of you! Thanks for mentioning the behind the scenes aspect. So true. And so important.


5:38 PM


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