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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun With Color

Pantone, the gurus of color, have created this fun little companion site. It takes color way beyond the geekdom on PMS numbers, swatch books and color wheels. I think the Colorstrology site is fun and makes for a nice extension of the value of their brand. By the way, I am "Oil Blue."

What might we learn from this example? What can any company, especially one that deals in analytic, left-brain thinking, do to add a little right-brain element to its brand?

Wait just a minute. Why bother? Isn't this stuff just wasteful and goofy? [I hear skeptics.]

No. The emotions and brain-chemical reactions that are generated by things like powerful design and rich stories (and yes, even humor) make things more memorable. It opens the brain and enables deeper impact.

Design, Story & Humor ==> Brain Chemical Release ==> Enriched Experience & Enhanced Recall ==> Willingness & Openness ==> Sticks in Memory

That's what psychologists have learned. And it's what great storytellers have applied. Just read what Chip and Dan Heath or Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman or Daniel Pink have written. They're all trying to help us understand the power and importance of right-brain connections in memory/recall, mood and persuasion.

In a nutshell: things like Colorstrology and the Tide Talking Stain can help your brand become more memorable and can make your marketing messages more persuasive. More than ample reasons to complement your marketing with some R-Brain accents!

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