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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Influence of Video Games on Design

The photo at left shows a sample interior of a new Mercedes Benz concept car. Notice something missing?

The Benz does not have a traditional steering wheel. Instead, there is a joystick. Ready for that? Are you ready to navigate rush-hour traffic on the freeway at 70 mph via joystick?

The next time you are about to nag your kid to put away the X-box or Playstation, pause for a second and consider that he just might be sharpening his driving skills. Or maybe he's cultivating skills that will be the driving elements of success in the next-generation workplace.

What if the future of software and productivity tools for business are more like video games and less like documents? Perhaps the new business tools will emulate 3-D spaces and virtual worlds, instead of mimicking the paper trails of old.

It could happen. In fact, I kinda hope it does.

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Blogger nrXic said...

I know that in the late 90's Microsoft was looking at creating alternate user interfaces that worked in a 3D space, and had elements that resembled their real life counterparts. And that was just the visual interfaces.

With advancements in touch screen technology, this old research could be relevant once more. If you haven't seen it yet, google "Microsoft Surface" to see it in action. Imagine having that, rather than your typical desk, where you can write as you would on paper, and then "throw" the file into a virtual file cabinet.

I agree, it would make sense for human/computer interaction to head into this sort of direction.

10:18 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thank you for stopping by our Marketing Genius blog ... and for your cogent comment.

Indeed--I have seen the Microsoft "Surface." We posted here about it several months ago.

Thanks for joining the conversation, and please come back often.


4:00 PM


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