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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back on "The TOUR" - Posts from the Pete Dye Classic

Day 6: Friday

Round 2 is over. The scores have been low and the temperatures high. Today it was 95 degrees with a heat index in triple digits. Today only 2 caddies needed medical attention – down from 5 in round 1.

Parker McLachlin continues to lead the tournament at 13-under. During his post-round interview he said, ‘It’s a game of momentum…the key is to keep that momentum going.”

I think the same can be said for marketing. Sometimes marketing is all about momentum. We keep that momentum going in a number of fashions. It is my opinion though that perhaps the best way to keep momentum going in marketing is to have a layered approach to marketing. We’ve all heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That’s the thought behind a layered approach to marketing.

In my experience the best marketing plans have been the ones that include elements of Marketing 101, advertising, media relations, public relations and other various elements. In my opinion if you rely only upon one tactic you’re letting your marketing environment control you. If you take a layered approach, you’re controlling the environment.

After all, marketing is creating an environment in which sales can flourish.

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Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Momentum - how appropriate for marketing!

The concept of momentum is why a concentrated, well-flighted marketing campaign will always outperform one that consists of equally timed and funded episodes over an extended period.

12:25 PM


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