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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back on "The TOUR" - Posts from the Pete Dye Classic

Maple Creative is again leading the marketing, advertising, public and media relations for the National Mining Association Pete Dye Classic Presented by Northrup Grumman.

So we're "Back on The TOUR" and ready to tee off with some golf-related posts.

Day 3: Tuesday

After 4.5 inches of rain, an early arrival to the course, and countless media requests, I again led the junior golf clinic at the National Mining Association Pete Dye Classic. The event is attended by young children (who all want to be Tiger Woods) and their parents (who all want to be Tiger Woods) seeking to learn a tip or two from the pros.

So what's the focus of the post on this day? Presentation skills. Yeah, yeah, I know. I did talk about this last year but it's certainly worth repeating - so read it again.

I've never really been afraid of public speaking, but leading a youth clinic with professional athletes, PGA TOUR officials, parents and kids all better golfers than me is a bit of a challenge.

Though a topic I'm certainly no expert at, I remembered the ’93-7’rule. It is estimated that when you speak only 7% of your message is actually the words you say. The remaining 93% is body language, tone(including cadence and volume), and other non-verbal items.

If you’re ever in this spot, remember the ’93-7’rule and the following:

-Be prepared
-Create an outline
-Be calm
-Use hands and arms to effectively convey message
-Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone.

But perhaps most importantly, know your audience and relate with them. That’s what helps me through the experience (which I enjoyed much more this year). I worked the crowd, shook hands with players, the kids, parents, everybody. The audience and I were comfortable with each other long before I ever said a word.

Hope that helps. Now, as for golf, you’re on your own.


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