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Thursday, March 22, 2007

E-Mail Explosion

More on our continuing series on E-Mail Marketing. Here's another eye-popping set of statistics--
  • The average residential e-mail user receives 35 messages per day on average.
  • The average business e-mail user gets 105 messages a day.
Source: Silverpop Systems, Inc.

What does this mean for the marketing genius who's aspiring to do some effective e-mail marketing? You'd better be darn good, to cut through all of this clutter. You might want to be mindful of having a great subject line. Get to your point--and get to it fast. And finally, you might need to plan for increased frequency to overcome these challenges.

My closing thought: e-mail evolution has crossed an inflection point. It does not work as well for me as it once did. This channel has (and will continue) to change. We'd better keep an eye on it.

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