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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Press Has an Appetite in November

Hello, marketing geniuses! Sorry that it has been so quiet here lately. We are in the midst of our busiest time of year. I hope you will forgive us and continue to read our blog as we pick up the pace again. Anyway, on with the show ...

According to our friends at PR News Wire, here are the topics that the American press are hungry to cover in November:

Pets - lavish Holiday gifts for pets, keeping pets healthy during this time of year, etc.

Travel - off-season deals, exotic destinations--as the US moves into Winter.

Business - end of year announcements, forecasts & projections for 2007, advice and tips for entrepreneurs to get a leg up on the competition heading into next year.

Bridal & Beauty - these sectors move well in advance of Spring peak, key shows and expos are coming up in the dead of Winter

Do any of these topics look like earned-media opportunities for you? Get busy with those story-pitch ideas, marketing geniuses!


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