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Friday, September 02, 2005

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course...

As a marketing and public relations professional I am interested in unique ways to communicate with existing customers - and reach new ones. Here's one for sure.

On a recent trip to the Horse Capitol of the World, Lexington, KY, a business colleague and I were discussing his ownership of thoroughbred race horse. He directed me to a site that offered more information about the world of race horse ownership.

Today I became an owner of a thoroughbred horse thanks to the folks at Woodford Reserve, makers of one of the world's premiere bourbons.

I'm not a bourbon or a horse aficionado but thanks to the informative and very interactive Woodford Reserve Web site, I'm on my way. Upon logging on to the site I was prompted to 'share in the excitement of thoroughbred ownership.' I followed the prompts and after only a few minutes I was part owner of Distill My Heart, a beautiful filly stabled in where else - Kentucky.

Once an owner, I can view the horse's conformation, her daily training log and track her progress in races at venues such as Churchhill Downs.

Now Woodford Reserve wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't teach me a thing or two about bourbon. So while on the site, I can learn about Woodford Reserve's history,view the bourbon's conformation, see the bottling process, take a virtual tour of the distillery and even shop for many things. Except bourbon.

And talk about follow up. Today I received my membership certificate, a photo of Distill My Heart and a beautiful, somewhat large Woodford Reserve Thoroughbred Society lapel pin to be worn to gain entry to Woodford Reserve Stables gatherings and events.

Next time a conversation about bourbon or horses comes up, I'll at least know what others are talking about. And what I'll be talking about - Woodford Reserve and my filly, Distill My Heart.

Kudos to the marketing geniuses at Woodford Reserve - lengths ahead in customer activation.


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