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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturn Adds to Employee Pricing Incentive

This cogent observation provided by our friend and client, Jennifer Wagner, of the Wellspring Center in St. Albans, WV.

Have you seen the new Saturn ad with the new “Total Value Promise”? They are stating that a lower price, great value, ONSTAR protection, and more are offered with their new 2006 models and they are still offering the Employee Pricing on 2005 models. I guess this is their way of getting away from the “employee pricing” program. They focus on the value of the purchase and mention the lower price almost like an “added” bonus. I think this is a good way of getting away from the program and still bringing the “value/quality” back into the purchase rather than just the price.

Thought you might be interested since you had several posts about the Employee Pricing on the blog.

Jennifer is also a talented blogger. Be sure to check out her blog, "On the Porch Swing," which is listed in our Blogroll (right-hand column)! [Or simply click here.]


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