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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lowe's Knows

I live in an older home. It was built in 1938.

Our kitchen was last updated in the 1970's.

The cabinets are a little worn, the counter is pretty dated (we have wanted to replace it since we moved in) and our appliances aren't in the best shape either.

The time is coming when we'll have to bite the bullet and really remodel the kitchen.

We went to Lowe's to begin the process of determining how much ($$$$) the project was going to cost.

We picked up a cabinet catalog, looked at a variety of options in the store and was assisted by very helpful sales people. Keep in mind we aren't ready to buy today. I was actually surprised at the lack of sales pressure the associate put on us.

My wife and I picked the cabinet style we liked, the counter top brand and the features we wanted in our new dream kitchen.

I went back to Lowe's and shared the measurements and specifics with Tom, our salesperson.

In twenty minutes, he printed out a CAD drawing of what my new kitchen would look like from three different angles. This was a line drawing, but it still was impressive. Wow!

Again, we aren't ready to buy today (especially after we realized we picked the most expensive cabinets in the book) but the picture was so compelling. I could see what my new kitchen was actually going to look like.

A week later, I received a mailing from Lowe's offering 6 months, no payments, no interest, etc. with the opportunity to go online to a specialized Web site made just for me that showed our kitchen in color.

On the cover of the mailing was the cabinets that we picked in the store.

Although I didn't purchase this week, I can only imagine the return they are receiving from these efforts. They show me my kitchen, redone in a variety of media with a financing option that is pretty hard to pass up.

Customized marketing - customized kitchen - Marketing Genius Kudos to Lowe's.


Blogger Manisha said...

Lowe's, eh?!

We were hit on the head by the hard-sell that a Home Improvement/Century21 salesman did to us. He gave us an estimate of $24K for two bathrooms and kitchen refacing. The quote was valid for 1 year. He then gave us a discount using the special deal they had going for 30 days. $18K with $1800 down payment. Then he gave us an even better deal: no money down, 6 months at 0% APR. His final estimate was about $16K. BUT we had to decide then and there.

We'd called him in for an estimate and we don't take decisions about thousands of $$ without any research and thought. The salesman got nasty and told us how we were building a bad reputation for ourselves (Really, I wondered, who's going to get the bad rap? Us or Home Improvement?!) and that there is no way we were going to call him again and if we did, we could pay for his gas. Yikes!

So much for a free estimate!

There's a Lowe's that's going to open up in our neighborhood - can't wait!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had just the opposite experience...We went to Lowe's for a bid on a kitchen we plan to install when we start our renovation project on our historic victorian home in about a year. The salesperson in the kitchen area was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable when we first met and provided her with blueprints of our home. She said she'd get back to us soon. More than 2 weeks passed and we called her up. A few phone calls and she finally called my husband back. She explained that she was busy and had paying customers, ready to go that she needed to attend to. She did not offer any further services. I called the store and spoke to the Assistant Manager in Kitchens & Baths and he said that customers on a timeline have priority-- and that the salesperson would probably get back to us with a quote. I answered that she was very final and it appeared as though she was "done" with us and "could someone else help us?" He replied that he was sorry about the situation and he'd be happy to help if there's anything in the future we need. But still-- he would not get us a quote. We plan to do a full kitchen and 2 bath remodels...We'll have to wait and see if Home Depot ever calls back...

9:53 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Anonymous visitor,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this topic. We're glad to have you as a reader!


5:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your blog rather interesting, since home improvement is a striking issue for me right now. I had something to do with Lowes, a home improvement company. Not very happy with the results. The service is poor. On I found out that I was not alone in this. People also post negative reviews about the company and its servicemen.

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