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Friday, August 26, 2005

Kmart Has a New Fan

That would be me, the new fan of Kmart. I went in for one item -- a casual tank top I'd seen on a friend which I knew would work with a skirt I had nothing match -- and I was in the store for over two hours!

For now, let's talk about Kmart's clothing. They have a couple of brands that I'm pretty impressed with: Attention is geared right to women my age, with suits, blouses and slacks that have a modern, sexy edge; then, there's Route 66 which is good for casual and dress casual. The Thalia Sodi line has a few key pieces that a youngish businesswoman might use, but is simply dead-on with the looks I've been seeing on high school seniors and college freshmen.

So, at Kmart I tried on clothes from these lines. Some pieces were OK, but few made the cut. Not much different than the usual trying-on experience -- except that it was soooo hot in the fitting room that I could hardly stand it. Strategery! I went to the snack bar (right next to the fitting rooms), chugged a Diet Pepsi, got my free refill and continued on with my shopping. I'm not going to get started on the Martha Stewart Everyday brand right now, except to say I really like it.

The point is that I remember a time, as a teenager, when my mom would stop by Kmart and my sister and I would sit in the car -- heaven forbid someone would see us shopping in there. But now, I'm rocking some Kmart threads and I'm telling everyone about it.


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