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Sunday, November 21, 2004

I Am Not Lovin' It!!!!!

Yes, I am back on the McDonald's rant.

It should have been simple - three yogurt parfaits, a hash brown and a cinnamon roll ordered through the drive thru of the revolutionized Fast Food Chain.

Most of the food was a snack for my kids. I had 30 minutes that I wanted to spend with my wife and kids inbetween meetings.

After we were asked to pull up so that we didn't effect the speed of the drive thru (a.k.a. "keep the manager out of trouble in regards to the time limit guarantee,") I found myself inside watching the staff create my order after about five minutes.

After overhearing one of the managers on duty say that he should fire the entire staff. I again realized that the marketing for McD's is way off.

90% of the people in the place were above 55 (customers), no one looked hip (including me), the service was terrible, the floor was dirty, there were three managers on duty and 8 or more staff wandering around while two people tried to figure out how to make my yogurt parapets - arrughhhh!!!!

15 minutes later, we got out of there.

And here's the kicker - the fruit in the parfait was frozen and we couldn't eat it.

Come on down to my town and see how your Brand Chronicle Theory is working.

I am not going back. I mean it.


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