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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Great Insights on Selling

Have you ever been in a sales situation where you offered the most logical solution to the customer's problem, yet the order went to someone else? Of course you have! All of us who sell joined that club years ago, and we all know its motto by heart: "When you win, you earn. When you lose, you'd better learn." To understand why the sale that should have been a certainty went weirdly astray, what follows a science lesson that I hope will explain, biologically speaking, the hard-wiring that can lead customers to reject the most logical choices. (Michelle Nichols, "The Crazy Logic of Sales", Business, June 4, 2004).

Marketers who have a technical or analytical bent will find this article particularly eye-opening. I certainly did!

The rest of this insightful article by Michelle Nichols can be accessed via the hyperlink below.
BW Online | June 4, 2004 | The Crazy Logic of a Successful Sale


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