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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

First Research Industry Profiles

First Research Industry Profiles

Ok, I am impressed. I filled out an information form to receive information from the company located at the link I've provided.

Within two minutes, I received a standard automatic response thanking me for my request.

Within five minutes, I received a response from a human being, asking the specifics of my request.

I responded.

Within ten minutes, the person on the other end responsed to me, knew specific information about our firm from our website, and provided me a complete answer to my inquiry.

Stunned - I have never had a resonse like this from an informational inquiry over the internet. I attempted to call the person that had provided me the information.

I received her voicemail.

When I hung up the phone, I was told that I had a call waiting for me. When I picked up the phone, it was the representative that I had been e-mailing for the past ten minutes.


If I have a need for the research they sell, I won't be looking elsewhere based on a poor service experience.

Not only do they have a useful service - there service in my first day with this company has been stellar.


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