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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Entrepreneur: What does that really mean?

Are you one?

Am I?

Shouldn't everyone be one if they are in business?

I have had the opportunity to be involved with the formation of an ELS League (Entrepreneurial League System) in our area.

This concept creates an organization structured around the idea that to be successful, entrepreneurs need skills. The best way to help a person be successful is to get them to understand the skills they have, don't have, and need to acquire.

As entrepreneurs acquire the skills defined by the system, they move up in the league. AAA to AA to A then to the Show.

The system is based on a very high level of collaborative effort among business leaders, service providers, and entrepreneurs.

I'm writing about this because the theory is really cool.

The economic development impact of this organization after it is built and running (the goal is to have 300 entrepreneurs networking and being coached within five years) is tremendous.

The problem: deciding who should lead the organization.

There's even money available for the project.

Finally, here's my question: has any one seen, participated in, or been successful with an organization that did not have a true leadership role making the final decision on things?

Is it possible to create a completely collaborative organization?

Just asking for feedback if you have an opinion.


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