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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How Can I Argue With That?

This post is prompted by my four-year-old daughter and her growing
knowledge. Last night when I was about to help wash my daughter's hair I grabbed the shampoo and conditioner - the kind that comes in one bottle. The bottle was nearly full despite being in the bathroom for quite a while. The reason - as my daughter explained to me verbatim - "shampoo and conditioner in one bottle is not healthy for your hair because it contains a lot of wax and wax is not good for your hair, daddy."

This totally explains the new bottles of - what I can only assume are - expensive shampoo and conditioner. How does she know this? Knowing she doesn't subscribe to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Celebrity Hair Styles or other magazines, I asked.

"Ms. Donna," she said. Ms. Donna is the stylist at a local hair salon. Which according to my daughter makes her an authority on hair care and hair products. And makes anything I have to say on the subject unworthy of consideration.

The point of this post? Simple. Consider the following:

What are you an authority on?
What advice/information can you discuss, present or provide that is accepted upon delivery?
If you're not an authority yet, what can you do to become one?

Answer those questions and you're on you're way to success; ignore them and you'll find yourself in a 'hairy' situation.

Posted by Emily Bennington on behalf of Jim Nester.


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