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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Unreasonable Idea That's Worth a Try

Author and management consultant, Lisa Haneberg, has a great idea for getting ahead and maximizing success. It is rooted in making unreasonable requests. Sure, this sounds odd at first. But it is so different that it might just be powerful and effective. [By the way, thanks to Matt Homann and Curt Rosengren for promoting Lisa's great idea.]

Each week Lisa makes five unreasonable requests from people that she barely knows--people she has no business asking for favors. The request is something big, something powerful and bold. She might ask someone for a referral, for a book endorsement, for an introduction or for an interview. Perhaps she is asking a celebrity to make an appearance at an event. Lisa knows that if she gets at least one out of ten of those unreasonable requests granted, she'll come out way ahead of the pack. Think of it.

I like this bold approach. I am going to try it.

How about you, marketing geniuses ... when is the last time that you made an unreasonable request? Let's get started!


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