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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Creative Work - Greatness Cannot Be Rushed

In my experience, the truly great work comes when we allow creativity sufficient time to blossom. This begins with an immersion phase, allowing time for all of the new information to sink in and gel. Once immersed, the creative brain can begin its subconscious work ... the iterations, the wild explorations. All too often, creative work is driven by tight deadlines. This just does not fit. Sure, creativity can be nudged along. Admittedly, procrastination will not produce a great, creative result. But by contrast, creativity cannot be compressed, or expedited. In fact, sometimes I have to avoid intentionally thinking about an assignment or a project to enable the creative thoughts to flow. Perhaps you've had the great creative epiphany in the shower, at the shaving mirror, or while ironing, doing dishes or mowing the lawn. Sometimes we have to allow the conscious, analytical left brain to disengage before the creative, right brain will engage.

One of the greatest ad campaigns that we've created came from the 1,000th conversation (only a slight exaggeration) about our client's customers, their needs & desires, coupled with companion discussions about the client's approach and philosophy on serving clients. Our client was patient, willing to allow us to arrive at a depth of understanding and a point of full immersion in the topic. Then one day, the magic phrase that crystallized all of this meaning just came out. The moment we heard it, we all knew that was it.

Marketing geniuses know and understand the ways in which creativity works best.


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