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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ranked Among the Top Advertising & Media Blogs

We are proud to share news that Marketing Genius from Maple Creative is now ranked among the top advertising and media blogs in the world, according to Advertising Age. We are presently ranked #393 out of 600 total blogs. Not bad ... even if you do have to scroll several times to find us on the list.

The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world, as developed by marketing executive and blogger, Todd Andrlik. It's really as simple as that, except that the name isn't strictly accurate: It currently ranks more than 500 blogs written about all types of media and pretty much every imaginable marketing discipline. It's now housed on Ad Age, partly because we thought it'd draw some traffic and links for us, but also because both Todd and Ad Age figured it was a useful service to rank and showcase all these sources of information in one place, where thousands of readers could discover them. With more than 700,000 registered users on our site and a host of daily and weekly products, we also hope we can grow the traffic to Todd's creation and some of the blogs it highlights.

What Todd came up with is a largely objective ranking, which is probably why it's already gained such popularity among marketing and media bloggers. It uses a basic multimetric algorithm to obtain a final ranking based on the sum of eight sources, seven of which come from Google, Bloglines, Alexa, Yahoo! and Technorati. The last is Todd's own personal subjective measure. In the case of a tie, individual scores for a blog are weighted in the following order (from highest to lowest):

Todd Points (1 to 15): As the only subjective measure in the Power 150 algorithm, 1 to 15 opinion points were assigned to each blog. Todd Andrlik values frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality content. The use of audio, video and graphics is also heavily weighted in the Todd Points.
Yahoo InLinks (1 to 30): Much like Technorati's InLinks count, Yahoo uses its Site Explorer to tabulate the number of links to a particular blog. We then scale this number down to a 30-point scale.
Technorati Ranking (1 to 20): Technorati ranking analyzes the number of sites pointing to a particular blog. The more link sources referencing your blog, the higher the Technorati ranking. Similar to the Bloglines Subscribers value, Technorati ranking ranges were determined (i.e., top 9,000, top 10,000, top 20,000, etc.) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 20) that was used in the Power 150 algorithm.
Technorati Authority (1 to 20): Much like the InLinks count, Technorati's Authority count is the number of blogs (as opposed to individual links) that link to a particular blog. This number is then scale down to a 20-point scale.
Technorati InLinks (1 to 20): Technorati tallies the number of links to a particular blog, and we then scale that number down to a 20-point scale.
Alexa Points (1 to 15): Alexa ranks sites with an algorithm that incorporates page views and reach (the percentage of all web users who have visited that particular site). For the Power 150, we take that rank and assign it a proportional score between 1 and 15 and factor it into a blog's total score.
Bloglines Subscribers (1 to 10): Bloglines displays the number of feed subscribers. Subscriber ranges were determined (i.e., more than 20, more than 30, etc.) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 15) that was used in the Power 150 algorithm.
Google PageRank (0 to 10): Google PageRank is a link-analysis algorithm that interprets web links and assigns a numerical weighting (0 to 10) to each site. High-quality sites receive a higher PageRank. The actual PageRank number was used in the Power 150 ranking algorithm.
Collective Intellect (0 to 10): Collective Intellect is a social media analytics company that works with brands to evaluate consumer opinion, measure buzz, identify customer sentiment and manage corporate reputations at the industry, company, brand, campaign and messaging levels. For the Power 150, Collective Intellect's authority ranking uses a patent-pending algorithm to calculate an author's authority on a topic, including such measures as link-analysis between on-topic posts, topic density, author's percent of contribution to the topic, number of comments and post quality.

This honor is to be shared by all of you, our entire community of marketing geniuses. It goes to show how important all of you are who comment, contribute, link to, recommend, tag and 'favorite' this and other blogs. Thanks! We couldn't have done it without you.

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Anonymous Justin Seibert said...

Sounds like it just took Todd a little while to figure out what we already knew, but we won't hold that against him. Congrats, Skip!

9:40 AM

Blogger Emily Bennington said...

That's awesome Skip - and a fitting tribute to your great work and marketing insight!

10:51 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


You are too kind. Thanks for being one of the geniuses in Marketing Genius!


2:25 PM

Blogger Jay Ehret said...

Congratulations, Skip! Keep up the good work and you're sure to climb higher.

4:30 PM

Anonymous rebecca said...

Cool! I always wondered how those things worked. Funny, I just started blogging to organize my thoughts and photos... and am just now learning how important websites can be to promoting what you have to offer.


8:13 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for the praise. I am inspired by your fine work! You are kind to leave such a generous comment.


2:01 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for your comment! The power of blogging continues to reveal itself to all of us. Cool, isn't it! I am proud to have you as part of our community of marketing geniuses, and I have tremendous respect for your work and your leadership in arts education!


2:03 PM

Anonymous T Beane said...

Congratulations on your acheivement! Your blog and its recognition will help show us all that there is power and reward in blogging.

2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your significant accomplishment!
You are a great representative for WV in the blogging domain.
All the Best,

7:37 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for your kind words. Great to have your voice here in this online community!

This really is an accolade for the whole team of writers, advisors, readers, commenters and colleagues.


3:24 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for your kind words. Great to have your voice here in this online community!

This really is an accolade for the whole team of writers, advisors, readers, commenters and colleagues.


3:24 PM


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