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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome USA Today Readers

We extend a warm welcome to our new friends and visitors coming to us via the USA Today print edition or Web site. Thanks for visiting. While you are here, please post a comment and tell us what you think. Did you learn anything? Was our information helpful? Did we make you smile?

Thanks to Jay Ehret who got us involved in a really cool blog promotion that USA Today has launched. They have created a special print and Web directory called the "Blogger and Podcaster Guide."

We would be tickled pink if you would subscribe to the Marketing Genius blog. There are two easy ways to subscribe:

1- Use the "Subscribe Me" applet powered by FeedBurner. It's located in the RH column halfway down the page. Simply fill in the blank and click the button. All new content will automatically be delivered to the e-mail inbox of your choosing.

2- Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed. Just click on the "Subscribe in a reader" chicklet at the top of the RH column and follow the instructions of your RSS feed reader, whether IE 7.0 or other app.

Remember the six most important words in marketing: "How did you hear about us?" Won't you please tell us, if you've arrived here by way of the USA Today!

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