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Monday, November 26, 2007

New Maple Creative Web Site - Soft Launch

Our new Web site is up for review. We would love to have you take it for a test drive. In the spirit of connectedness and community, we opted to launch the site at a 85% completion mark and to put it out for the world to see.

We welcome your feedback and candid review as we work toward 100% completion between now and year's end.

Does it tell the story?

Is it memorable?

Does it fit with our brand?

Do you like it better than the old Maple site?

How did the experience and navigation feel?

Let us know what you really think. Lend a sharp eye to our project. See any typos or broken links? What suggestions do you have?

Add your comments. You'll be doing us a big favor in helping to put the finishing touches on our new Web presence. Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skip, I really like, ok love the new site.

I really like the staff bio's.

Good stuff as always.

M Ballard.

9:08 PM

Blogger jenniferwood said...

I loved looking at your new site. I thought about saying, "I loved playing around on your site", but didn't know how you'd feel about that. I mean, it's just so fun looking at your work and learning about your staff.

Speaking of the staff... They are quite amazing (which I already knew), but the way that they are introduced/described on your pages makes me want to KNOW THEM! The old website had a touch of that, but in this way, I am reminded that these are amazing people whom I would love to consider in my own circle.

Thankfully, you are my mentor and I consider you in my close circle of friends/collegues. I am also grateful to know Jim and Michael. I look forward to becoming acquainted with the rest of the team.

The author of the staff descriptions deserves applause. I'm guessing your resident "word smith" was involved.

Your folks are amazing and so are you! Don’t you forget it!

As for the works listed....I am familiar about the great work that Maple does. This section gives folks not as familiar with your outstanding talents/experience a chance to see it in REAL LIFE. Video, audio, visuals, and links to websites created...Wonderful interactives!

Skip - Once again Maple has outdone themselves and raised the bar for all websites out there, especially those of marketing/communication firms.

As you remember, I modeled part of my former employer's website after your old my question do I incorporate some of your new and fashionable ideas into my new work???? Ah, replication is the highest form of flattery, is it not? :)

This site is phenomenal. As if we'd expect any less from the MARKETING GENIUSES at Maple Creative.

9:37 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


I am thrilled to hear that you love the new Maple site. Thanks for posting your comment. We're so glad to have you as a reader and friend of the firm!


4:06 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


What is the amount of that check that I owe you? :~)

I'm glad that our new Maple site resonated with you, and I really respect your opinion on such matters. Thanks for your commment and for being a loyal, longstanding member of the Maple and Marketing Genius family!


4:07 PM

Anonymous Karan I said...

I love the new site (and am happy to see a link to the blog)!

4:24 PM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Glad you liked the new site. We're getting really great reactions to it. So kind of you to take time to leave a nice comment. Much appreciated--thanks!


3:33 PM


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