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Sunday, December 09, 2007

A to Z of Marketing – U is for Universal

This year, one of West Virginia’s long-standing Christmas tree farms began offering their trees online. As a result, a business that had only sold within a small radius now had their first customer in Hawaii.

Isn’t that great? The world really is flat.

In fact, the more business becomes universal, the more opportunity is out there for organizations that are positioned correctly. Think about it: What would make someone from Hawaii, who has a perfectly adequate selection of Christmas trees in their home state, want to buy one from half a continent away?

Here’s a better question: Is there anything so unique about your product or service that someone from across the country would seek you out?

I read an article recently about a marketing firm in Colorado that made a strategic decision to specialize in “play”, i.e. outdoor products, resorts, sports centers, sports teams, etc. Rather than promote itself as the usual “integrated, full-service marketing agency that acts as a strategic partner” to a host of different clients, this firm was so aligned with their brand that (among other things) it had a rock wall in the office and only hired staff that were proven “play” enthusiasts. Now, clients from around the world are coming to Colorado to meet and hire this expert team of marketing talent.

So… where are your clients coming from? If it’s only your city, your state or your region, you are missing a huge opportunity. Anyone can be a player in their hometown. It takes focus (i.e., a willingness to be the expert in something) to become a player in your industry.

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Blogger Jay Ehret said...

Emily, your point has universal implications. It used to be that businesses just had to worry about local competition. Not true anymore.

Now, a business from anywhere in the world could be trying to steal your customers. What to do? I guess the best defense is a good offense.

6:41 PM


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