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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Demonstration: A Powerful Marketing Tool

One of the most powerful tools is marketing is the act of demonstration. Here in Charleston, West Virgina, one of our local community groups is trying to increase awareness of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction methods.

Instead of running advertisements, the Charleston Area Alliance opted to build (with the help of many generous, community minded partners) a demonstration house. EcoDwell is a house, a project and a state-of-mind! Here's an excerpt from the EcoDwell Web site:

EcoDwell is a "green" house that has been built in the East End of Charleston, West Virginia. EcoDwell uses state-of-the-art materials and building techniques to make it as energy efficient as possible. We expect energy costs to be half that of a similar sized house using traditional building materials and techniques.

I had the chance to visit and explore the beautiful EcoDwell home last week. It is gorgeous and cleverly designed. Suffice to say that I would buy it. And for the listed price of $120,000 it is a steal, in my opinion.

Kudos to Susie Salisbury at Charleston Area Alliance and the other marketing geniuses who helped bring this world-class project to life!

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