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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Living in Charleston Rates High with Kiplinger

Thanks to fellow blogger Bob Coffield for the suggestion to post this great publicity for our lovely city, Charleston, West Virginia.

Congratulation to Charleston, West Virginia for its ranking in Kiplinger's Best Citites for Every Stage of Your Life cover story. The ranking includes the top 25 places to launch a career, raise a family, retire in style, and more. Charleston was ranked under the Best Cities for Empty-Nesters. Here is what Kiplinger had to say about Charleston in its online content (you can view this via the slide show feature linked in the article):
Population: 301,716
Cost-of-Living Index: 93 (100 being national average)
Percentage of Workforce in Creative Class: 27.9%
Bohemian Indicator: 69
Creative-Class Salary Growth (2000-2005): 9.8%

Charleston has an interesting combination of a low cost of living with a
relatively strong creative class. The city is surprisingly cosmopolitan, with
fine restaurants, art galleries, specialty shops and caf├ęs along its tree-lined
downtown streets.For those looking into Charleston don't miss local photo
bloggers, ImageSmith (Tom Hindman) and Rick Lee, for some super
shots of Charleston and West Virginia. Check out just one of the
fantastic photos
of downtown Charleston and the Kanawha River. The photos
from the two local photo bloggers sure beat the photo Kiplinger used in its
online content from the Charleston Visitors Bureau.

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Anonymous julie said...

I like Kiplinger's comment that highlights Charleston's "fine restaurants, art galleries and specialty shops along it's tree-lined downtown streets". Travel to many cities around the United States and you'll notice that Charleston does have a lot to offer. Our city is smaller but packs in great city-life with a beautiful environment. Thanks for the great publicity, Kiplinger!

12:39 PM


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