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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How easy is it to be your customer?

Not all marketing is about ads and signage. Marketing is also about the experience customers have with your product or service. So make it convenient and easy for them to enjoy it.

Take credit card machines for example. Just this week, I’ve encountered two shops that don’t take cards, which is dumbfounding to me as both a consumer and a marketer.

However, the real problem for these business owners is bigger than a credit card machine. It’s about the fact that I – like most of their customers – won’t tell them I don’t come to their business because I don’t carry a checkbook, I just don’t come to their business.

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Blogger merjoem32 said...

Short but great post. The customers are the most important aspect of any business so it is important for any businessmen to see things from their perspective. I am new to Internet marketing but I always try to consider how easy it is to be my customers.

2:10 PM

Anonymous credit card holder said...

Shops that don't accept credit cards? Today it's more an exeption than a norm and almost every customer prefers to pay with his credit card. It's inconvenient and unusual already to carry cash about. Marketers, if they want to make earnings, should put the customers' needs and preferences at first place.

5:51 AM

Anonymous help me help you said...

I think another very important aspect of customer satisfaction is the help that a customer can get if needed in any situation with their business. If they don't have what I am looking for but are willing to help me find it, great! You can expect me to come back. Employees need to be friendly and helpful to bring the highest amount of customer satisfaction.

12:42 PM


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