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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Secret to Profitable Marketing Agencies

A quote from the Marketing Geniuses (with a capital G!) at Second Wind:

If you are still selling ads and projects instead of using your brains to forge strategic marketing partnerships with your clients and prospects, then you are not going to be around much longer….These partnerships involve not just advertising, public relations, direct marketing or sales promotion, but an organic combination of whatever marketing tools it takes to accomplish the client’s sales objectives. It also promotes programs that…work more effectively because they play off one another in ways that narrowly focused programs no longer can. In the days when our society - and most buyers - were more homogenous, it was acceptable, even preferable, for a marketing strategy to be somewhat universal. Today, society is extremely pluralistic and what works on one set of buyers does not even come close to working on another, creating a need for multilevel, multidimensional marketing strategies.”



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