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Monday, July 31, 2006

Up 50% Over June 2005

"Our sales are up 50% over last June."
- Reported recently by a satisfied Maple Creative client

What marketing tactics have we provided to assist our client in achieving such great results? (By the way this is the same client that was up 30% over last May. The results are even better, today!)

We began with research. Through a series of focus groups and analysis of proprietary Scarborough data, we helped our customer to better understand the market and to identify his key customer segments. The research also helped him get smarter about his competition. First learn, then take action!

Next, we helped him refine his advertising strategy. After we analyzed and gained insight into what was bringing results, we simply advised him to do more of what was working. Simple yet effective!

Finally, through great design, we refreshed the brand--just a smidge--to make it more appealing to younger female audiences. Then, we carried out the new design and the new branding consistently--incredibly consistently--throughout the client's physical space, Web site, display materials and advertisements. Light on the tweaking, strong on the consistency!

Most of all, I am thrilled to see this client doing so well, achieving such success. And I invite our fellow marketing geniuses to share their success stories or fire away with their questions.


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