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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weak Messages Won't Work

Actual message spotted today on a retail display rack in a bank:

"Our Featured Product of the Month"

This gem of a headline was spotted on a stand-up rack filled with brochures, right inside the entryway of a bank.

This message is boring and completely void of customer focus. And, I must say, in my experience, this is not uncommon in retail banking marketing materials.

Imagine the customer's thoughts: "I just can't wait for August to arrive so that I can run down to the bank and see what product they'll be featuring!"

I mean, really ... come on!

Who cares what YOU have elected to feature? What does the customer want and need? And, far more importantly, tell me about the benefit of your product. How is this banking product going to improve my life? Give me the benefit! (Here's more information on understanding benefits.)
Is it going to make me wealthier ... more attractive ... perhaps help me to live longer?

"Our Featured Product of the Month."

Does that make you want to pick up the brochure? Does it compel you to learn more about the product?

Suffice to say, I'll bet that the bank does not have to refill that brochure rack very often, if ever! The marketing genius knows that it is ultra-important to craft strong, effective compelling messages.


Blogger Jen said...

Once again, you've hit the nail on the head! So often we (marketing professionals as well as managers/business owners) pick something and slap a generic message on it in an attempt to sell or promote something. What does the consumer need/want? Sometimes we just don't think about that....we just think about what WE want to sell or promote.

Reading the MarketingGenius blog is part of my morning routine...and every morning I am reminded why blogs, mentors, and partnership are so important... Reminding each other what is important and what marketers and managers need to know, think about, and act on.

So, Skip --- Thanks again to you and the entire Maple Team for giving me something WORTHWHILE to read every morning and to help me stay informed, on target, and motivated.



10:11 PM


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