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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Paid in Gasoline

Have the skyrocketing gas prices affected your summer travel plans?

At my house, with a newborn baby son, we are not taking a traditional summer vacation this year. What about you, fellow marketing guru and beloved reader?

It seems that one of West Virginia's leading tourism destinations, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, believes that gas prices may be keeping customers away from the resort. They have chosen to take matters into their own hands. Earlier this summer, Snowshoe would pay for your gasoline to get you to come there.

Anyone who made reservations before June 22 to visit Snowshoe received a "gas card" worth $25 in cash value. According to the resort's promotional flyer: "We'll give you a $25 Gas Card to help cover your travel expenses up to the mountain. It's that easy!"

Would this persuade you? Do you think it's a smart idea?

The offer was advertised on the airwaves and in newspapers. The clever promotion also got picked up as a news story (i.e., earned media coverage). Finally, Snowshoe reinforced the offer via direct mail, which came to my mailbox. This is a great example of coordinated, multi-media marketing. A tip of the hat to the marketing geniuses at Snowshoe!


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