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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Staggering Stat

Here's a staggering statistic. I really found it to be an eye opener, in terms of magnitude. How can you find a way for your company to play in this game, to be a part of this growth wave?

What business is ten times larger than the movie industry and projected to increase 50% in dollars spent by 2013?

The answer is residential kitchen and bath remodeling, which will break the $100 billion mark this year, according to Kitchen and Bath Business magazine's 2005 Market Forecaster.

"While only one-third of all kitchen-remodeling jobs will involve a professional designer," the report says, "those jobs will account for more than half of the $68.25 billion spent. Full service remodeling firms will perform 14% of all bath-remodeling jobs, however those jobs will account for 37% of all spending."

Source: Herman Miller "Design Link" newsletter, June 2005.


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