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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Say No

Once in a while, we all find ourselves in a position where we have to turn down an opportunity or a request. Perhaps we've exhausted capacity. The timing could be unfavorable. There can be any number of circumstances that might make a potential new order troublesome or untimely.

For a growing business, it is a great problem to have. Yet, it can be daunting to the business owner trying to make sure that the bills are paid. It may even feel counter intuitive. On the one hand, you want the business and you need the income; on the other, you do not want to disappoint and tarnish your reputation. In such case, we have to just say "no."

Just this week, I turned down a request ... said "No." It would have been a great project, right up our alley, so to speak, under normal circumstances. The key being normal circumstances.

I candidly and politely told my client, "No ... we are not going to be able to help you with this project." I offered advice and alternate forms of assistance, while explaining the unusual circumstances.

The ending? Most importantly, the client was fine; he appreciated the candor. In addition, our reputation remained intact. The interaction may have even bolstered our reputation.

I've only turned down a handful of opportunities, or orders. Never have I regretted the decision.
Though it is entirely unusual to turn down an order, the marketing genius knows that it is far better to do that, than to accept the order and handle it poorly.

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