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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

There is one simple way to track the effectiveness of your marketing program. It will bring insights to your business. It's not fancy, by any means. In fact, all that is required is discipline. And oh, by the way, this process will work, no matter what industry you are in -- high tech, low tech, product or service, for-profit or non-profit.

Are you ready for this sure-fire, five-step process?

OK - Here goes:

Step 1 - Commit to do this.

Step 2 - Every time you hear from a new person, ask them this question: "How did you hear about us?" (Also known as the six most important words in marketing.)

Step 3 - Create a log of the answers you get to this question.

Step 4 - Analyze the trends/patterns and discuss it within your work group.

Step 5 - Do more of the marketing tactics that are showing up on your log as the source of customer inquiries. Stop doing those marketing tactics that are missing from the log.

Repeat forever.

So, my fellow marketing geniuses, I ask you: How did you hear about this blog?


Blogger Jill said...

I found out about your blog here, and have really enjoyed it since! :)

4:59 PM

Blogger Paul Golding said...

I was looking for marketing inspiration, so I googled "marketing genius" - your site topped the list.

12:09 PM


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