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Monday, April 17, 2006

Less Than Optimized Search Engines

So I go to the world's leading search engine, Google, and type in the following search phrase: "search engine"

Guess which search engine comes up as the #1 result. If you said "Google," you were wrong. That search phrase on Google returns a competitor, Dogpile, as the number one result. Google ranks itself 5th, interestingly.

Now try AltaVista. Same process. Type in "search engine" in the search box. Its lists nine other competitors before it presents AltaVista in the search results. This is amazing to me!

On the Lycos search engine, Lycos comes up as the 4th listing.
On the Dogpile search enginge, Dogpile comes back 13th.
On the Excite search engine, Excite comes back 69th. You have to go to the 4th page of search results.

Yahoo and are the only search engines that I studied which returns its site first among listings of search-engine Web sites. Come on--you have to be kidding me!

I guess the old adage about the shoemaker's kids having the worst shoes holds true here.

I challenge all of our marketing geniuses to overcome the shoemaker's paradigm. Practice what you preach! If you are a marketing expert, have great marketing. If you are a Web designer, have a great Web site. If you are a fashion consultant, dress yourself like you believe it. Walk the talk! Business author Harry Beckwith has a great way of articulating this. Stay tuned for Harry's advice.


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