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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spam on the Fax

Can someone please explain the logic behind sending out spam offers via fax?

At our office we get at least two or three spam faxes each day. They tend to be related to tips on "hot stocks" and package deals on "luxurious vacations." If I am copying or sending a fax, I may glance at the spam that has come in to our fax machine. Invariably, I shake my head and toss it into the nearest trash can.

The offers are, obviously, unsolicited and intrusive. The spam fax is completely untargeted. It comes into our office fax machine addressed to no one. How could the originator of the office know anything about the demographic profiles of the people who work here at our office? Honestly the senders don't know who they are reaching. I cannot imagine how low the response rates must be.

So, marketing geniuses ... I ask you: is there anything less credible than spam fax? Would you ever consider responding to a spam fax promotional offer?


Anonymous Chris Ray said...

I have a strong dislike for voicemail spam (especially those left on my cell phone). I'd probably rank this breed of spam right alongside unwanted faxes.

Much like email spam, a small percentage of consumers must be responding to it in order for them to continue to the campaign, right? I hate to apply any sort of logic to this but it would seem this must be true.

And, as a fellow blogger, comment spam can be irratating too!



2:18 PM

Blogger Stefan Engeseth said...

If this was a fax, I would not mind you to get the massage. Only mind that the message got out and not in. It is the old school marketing that today doesn’t work (only if you sell fax paper).

11:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only if the spam was coupons for Rax...then I might have to take advantage.

2:20 AM

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