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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Turn Off the Sales!

I've had calls, or conversations, recently with two of our clients who have said, "How do we turn off the sales faucet?" Both have implemented multi-faceted, multi-media marketing campaigns over the past year.

The result? Now they are saying, "How do we handle all of these new opportunities?"
(Sounds like some of them could use some management consulting with regard to growth, expansion and business strategy.)

That is a great problem to have; wouldn't you agree?

For me, it is highly rewarding to see the results of a strategic mix of well-placed media amplify the clients' sales volume. And of course I am thrilled to see our clients doing so well.

So what's the key?

It is not one thing; it's the combination of several things--
- Consistency of brand and message
- Good implementation of a strategic, multi-prong marketing plan
- Research to identify the right, lucrative target market sectors
- Knowledge of the business cycle to maximize timing of advertising
- Positioning of the company and the brand
- Developed sales materials (or collateral) to assist in fulfillment and selling
- Commitment

Kudos to all of the marketing geniuses out there who are getting it right!


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