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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Okay, it's the holiday season. But this is not about strudel, nor is it about any other notions of a layered dessert. It is about a layered approach to your marketing.

So, what does layering mean, in the context of marketing? A good, solid, effective marketing strategy involves layers of tactics. A marketing plan should never be built around a single tactic or a single medium. This goes back to one of our fundamental laws of marketing: if your marketing plan has only one component, it is sure to fail.

All too often, those who are trying to grow their business (i.e., engage in marketing), rely on a one-shot approach. This is a poor approach from many aspects. It is poor risk management, or contingency planning. And as we all know, we should never "place all of our eggs in one basket."

The single-prong approach also assumes that the marketer is able to identify the one channel, or medium, that will enable them to connect with the prospective customer. Again, this is foolhardy. In today's world, be it the commercial or retail arena, customers view or consume multiple media. Simply stated, your customer hops around between and across various media. With a single-prong approach, you might just miss your prospect entirely.

Never run a marketing program or campaign based solely on one tactic. Don't rely solely on direct mail. Instead, layer into your strategy some advertising or media relations tactics. Do not rely solely on advertising; instead, layer into your strategy some special-event marketing, for example. And never, but never, launch a campaign that involves only one flight or volley of contact. Instead, work some repetition into the strategy. Don't simply send one postcard or letter; design a three or five-part series. The wise marketing genius understands and leverages the power of repetition.

The layered approach is the wise approach when it comes to reaching your customer most effectively ... with your message, your news or your special offer. Layering is the strategic approach to marketing that will enable you to achieve your desired results and grow your business.


Blogger Jen said...

Who knew that the "old sayings" that you hear growing up would be so applicable to our career and life! Growing up, I just thought that they were funny things that my mamaw said! HA!

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!

You can charm more bees with honey than vinegar!

The list goes on and on!

10:33 AM

Blogger Chief Show Officer said...

Right on target.
It's like water on a rock. One drop has no effect but over time it can cut right through. It is the same with marketing. No single media type or campaign is the end all - be all. It's about using multiple layers to reinforce your message until you become synonymous with your message.

CSO (Chief Show Officer)

12:14 PM


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