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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Boundaries – Real or Imagined?

So many of our West Virginia clients sell only in West Virginia. Why is that? This phenomenon goes back to the principle of placing all of one’s eggs in one basket. It is not good business strategy. Like many of you readers, I am a proud West Virginia native. I’m not so proud as to think that Maple Creative can survive and thrive solely by servicing West Virginia clients. Likewise, I am not so proud as to overlook the fact that my beloved Mountain State is a flat to declining marketplace across most sectors of its economy. Columbus, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and a half-dozen other vibrant market areas lie within easy striking distance for most of us. We’ll always be a West Virginia company, but we will not place all of Maple’s eggs in the West Virginia basket.

We recently conducted an evaluation of ten potential expansion markets for a client in the business services sector. We studied numerous market and cost-of-business parameters and helped them identify Columbus as the most viable market for business expansion. What’s your best out-of-state market opportunity? If you are ready to discuss your next strategic expansion move, give us a call or zip us an e-mail message.


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