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Monday, October 04, 2004

Coke - C2

I just saw a TV spot for Coca-Cola's new drink "C2." It's their new low-carb cola. I'm old enough to remember the launch and demise of "New Coke" in the early 1980s, and I have to say that "C2" made me think of "New Coke."

My first reaction was: Uh-oh ... here we go, again.
"C2" left me gasping for O2 (oxygen).

The TV commercial that I saw did not do a very good job of telling me what the product was, or what benefits I might derive by drinking "C2." The spot seemed more about mood and music ... Pretty people moving to enticing music ... shot of the "C2" logo and container overlaid throughout.

I have not seen the product on store shelves yet, nor have I tasted it. Still, I will be watching and waiting with baited breath for "C2" to crash and burn. That's just me being candid about what I felt.

Bravo to Coca-Cola Corp. for innovation, though. And bravo too for making a move to exploit and capture the low-carb craze within the soft drink industry.


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