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Sunday, July 11, 2004

What's your marketing idea worth?

Heard the story about the carpenter that charged twenty-five cents for a nail and $500 for knowing where to put the nail so that it stopped a floor board from creaking?

Where is the true value in this situation?

Oftentimes, we hear about the rates of media being expensive or the price of a marketing plan being high without consideration of the size of the audience delivered, the possibility that the media would be five times more effective at reaching a target market or that the marketing plan, if implemented, would drive revenues through the roof.

Just take a moment and look for the value, the return, the true benefit you will receive if you just hear the entire story.

Look for the value when you you hire the expensive carpenter who knows where to put the nail.

Demand the value when you hire a marketing firm that can help your company reach another level of success by implementing a killer strategy.

The link I've provided is another way to look at it:


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