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Friday, April 16, 2004

Extremely different marketing - brought to you by BK

Click below, type a command into the box ... and get ready for some of the zaniest humor ever... all brought to you by Burger King.
It's weird. It's wacky. It's web-based.

You type a command into a box on a very uncluttered screen.
A person in a chicken costume (at some undisclosed location .... Cheney's bunker?) does exactly what you request.

Simple. Stupid. Funny. Slick. So, why is it funny? It's funny on multiple levels.

First, there's the visual humor-a person in a chicken costume.

Then, there's the interactive humor of racking one's brain to come up with commands... eventually trying to outwit or confuse the poor poultry person. (think: "raise the roof")

Humor lies in trying to figure out "how does this work?" Is it live? Is there some database of requests that intiates a given film clip? I can't say. I can't figure it out. I love that about this site.

Finally, there's humor in wondering about "who concocted this ... and why?"

It's the twisted product of a tiny ad shop out of Miami, Florida. They specialize in publicity-stuntish, buzz marketing. It's very sticky. It drives WOM on the web. They generated buzz for Ikea and Cooper Mini. Now they're doing this chicken shtick for Burger King.

Just because it's Friday--thought you'd enjoy a laugh or two....


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