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Saturday, February 02, 2008

KFC Invades the Super Bowl: Fowl Play?

On the eve of the biggest game in football, Kentucky Fried Chicken is making news without buying one second of advertising. KFC is promoting their new line of chicken wings by announcing they will award a $260,000 scholarship in the name of the “athlete or on-field entertainer who is filmed doing the chicken dance in the end zone for at least three seconds.” (Trivia: $260,000 is what it would cost to buy three seconds of airtime during the game.)

Critics, however, are crying “fowl” (I know…) saying that KFC is guilty of “ambush marketing” and isn’t playing by the rules. Marketing geniuses: What do you think of KFC’s strategy? Guerrilla brilliance or rotten egg?

P.S. Despite the coverage KFC has received leading up to the game (worth well beyond $260K, by the way), don’t count on seeing any touch down arm flapping. It’s been reported that the NFL will fine any player who participates.

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