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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Armpits to Underarms in Seven Days

It's a simple promise that Dove is making to women all across the nation.

Buy our antiperspirant, use it, and receive the added benefit of better looking armpits.

Is it a promise that resonates with me, not really. Do I think it is great communication and positioning- you bet.

Why? Because Dove is trying to be real. They are appealing to a basic, habitual ritual that most women put themselves through each day. They are showing "normal" women in their advertising - not sleek, stretched supermodels. And asking them for business "take the 7-day test."

It's summer. Sun dresses abound and underarms are exposed. A promise to make skin better looking and reduce the anxiety of exposed sensitive skin should lead to success.

If the product does what it is promising, which some preliminary, nonscientific research (me asking women I know the question - does it work?) has shown that the product does make a difference.

Kudos to Dove. Tell the truth. Deliver the benefit. Be real.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, they are indeed trying to be "real," but are they addressing a real problem, or creating an imaginary one? I am a woman who shaves her armpits daily and have never had any angst about the softness or sex appeal of my underarms. Who has time to even worry about underarms? Not enough to sell me on their product. Bogus problem.

5:38 PM


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