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Friday, July 03, 2009

Love the New TV Advertisements for Ally Bank

Kudos to ad agency BBH for a very nicely done campaign for Ally Bank. Perhaps you have seen the TV commercials? The one about the pony was so good that it caused me to go to the AdWeek Web site to see who created it.

The TV spots are great, but so is the positioning for the bank itself: Straightforward. In my opinion that message is right for our post-financial-meltdown times. And the payoff line in each of the advertisements is crisp and distinctive, too: "It's just the right thing to do."

The brand is also supported by a very nice, simple, clean Web presence at

Tip o' the cap to the marketing geniuses at Bartle Bogle Hegarty Ltd. for some fine work!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of well-done TV spots, two recent ones have really caught my attention.

The first is for Chef Boyardee, in which a father and son are at the kitchen counter with Mom standing on the other side. Dad starts to tell Son that the product has some sort of health benefit when Mom cuts him off by wildly banging on the pots hanging above her. It's very amusing. I found myself asking others if they'd seen it...which is my mark for a good ad!

The other is for Gillette Sculpting Paste, a hair care product. It actually made me want to try the product (which I did and love). Others must have had the same impression because the local Walmart is constantly out of it.

Matt B.

11:58 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


Thanks for joining the conversation! I cannot wait to go and check out the spots you mentioned, Chef Boyardee and Gillette. Aren't good commercials awesome? It's the bad ones that are so annoying.

And, btw, I am totally in agreement with you on "How many phonebooks does one person need?" Enough already!


10:07 AM

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Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


I'm glad you enjoyed our blog! Hope you'll visit often and join the conversation whenever you want.


7:43 AM

Blogger Skip Lineberg said...


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Anonymous Melanie said...

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