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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming Soon: New Advertising Campaign for Maple Creative

Wow! I am so excited. We have a new advertising campaign in the works. And it's a doozie!

I'm not saying that because it is coming from my company. The concept was not my idea. In fact, it resulted from a recent great brainstorming session that we held at Maple Creative. Sure, we are a marketing firm. Advertising is one of our strong suits, in my opinion. But this new campaign is special.

Precursor ideas had been formulating for a couple of months, and in this recent session the "Group Genius" effect produced something that I believe is truly great. We decided to focus our 2009 ad campaign on creativity. Discussing the preliminary concepts around the brainstorming group helped us to come up with a brand-new idea, one that is better than anything any one of our talented individuals could have originated. It was inspired by many people and many discussions. That's the beauty of it.

While our new campaign is strong in the idea department, that is not enough to fuel its success. It involves a layered, multi-prong strategy. This new campaign lends itself well to print and multi-media formats. It will also adapt well to social media, such as Facebook, You Tube, blogging and Twitter. Finally, it is sure to generate buzz, with its experiential "on the street" elements.

We can't wait to show it to you. Stay tuned!

PS - The book "Group Genius" by Keith Sawyer is a very good read. I am about half way finished reading it. It is great to have an enriched understanding of the process that we utilize, nurture and treasure at Maple Creative.

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