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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A to Z of Marketing - L: Look Like You're Worth It

Hey, we all know that in marketing impressions are everything. The first law of marketing speaks to this crucial fact: perception is reality. And that initial perception, i.e., first impression, is ultra-important.

At first look, are you perceived to be worthy of investment by your prospective customers? Do you look like you are worth it? They will not invest their dollars with you until you have invested in your own appearance ... your brand image, if you will.

Harry Beckwith says it best with this quote from his great book, Selling the Invisible:

"We invest in companies we believe in. And we know that others do the same.

"What impression do you make, then, when you appear to have invested very little in your own business--in your brochure, offices, business cards, presentations, advertisements? You're saying you lack confidence in your own enterprise. You are not confident enough to invest in yourself.

"What happens? If you--the person who knows more about your company than any prospect could--lack confidence in your business, why should your prospects put any faith in it?

"They shouldn't. And they don't.

"If you believe in your business, show it."


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