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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jennifer Garner on Charleston ... and Paris

We've been saying for many years that our fair city, Charleston, West Virginia, is a great place to live, work and play. Today's quote from Hollywood mega-star and Charleston-native, Jennifer Garner, illustrates that from her very unique perspective:

"I would much rather wake up and go to Taylor Books [in Charleston, WV] tomorrow and sit, drink coffee and read the newspaper rather than go to Paris," Garner said in a quick telephone interview that took place while she was riding to the airport.

"It's just the overall feel of it there. The green's there, the people walking down the street. Anyone that doesn't live there or isn't from there just can't understand it."

Jennifer Garner has it right. Here's the full story from today's Daily Mail:

The photo at left gives a feel for the wonderful atmosphere and vibe at Taylor Books. Incidentally, this pic shows friend and fellow blogger Bob Coffield and was photographed by another friend and blogger, Rick Lee. By the way, Rick's blog is the best place to go for Charleston and West Virginia photos. In fact, both of their blogs have drawn national acclaim (deservedly so).

Rick's quite the talented artist. The pastel drawing at left is his creation, too. It depicts the wonderful charm and green, tree-lined appeal of Capitol Street in particular and Charleston in general.

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